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2 Beds Available Everest House of Kent.

1 Bed Available Evergreen Gardens of Renton.

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March 31, 2013

A special activity is being planed for each facility.


About Evergreen Gardens of Renton

Front Area - Evergreen Gardens of RentonIn the Beginning:

We at, Evergreen Gardens of Renton, are dedicated to the care and comfort of our residents. We have live-in caregivers and/or resident managers. Residents with short term memory problems, in time, they will know their caregiver on sight and will not have to wonder who the person is that cares for them.

The Growing Years:

We believe that all of our residents should be able to stay in the same residence through all of their medical conditions, and not have to move just because they may go on hospice or have some other short term terminal illness.



Lower TV Area - Evergreen Gardens of RentonWhere we're going:

We do not require a resident to leave our home when transitioning from private and/or insurance funding, or to some government programs.

We serve American food to all residents, and try to serve residents their favorite foods as often as possible. We also take into consideration ethnic backgrounds in our care. Special diets are tailored upon request.

Team Bio:

  All staff are fully screened and are personally known by the owners of our homes.  Our staff must meet the state required training courses.





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