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2 Beds Available Everest House of Kent.

1 Bed Available Evergreen Gardens of Renton.

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March 31, 2013

A special activity is being planed for each facility.


Services:  Everest House of Kent

There is a regular schedule that we have developed in order to provide the best health possible for all of the residents. Special meals can be requested and caregivers will attempt to make these meals if the proper provisions are in the kitchen. Doors are usually closed for the residents’ rooms at night but are not locked, if a resident requests that their door be left open, which can be easily adjusted for them.


 Dinning Schedule:

  • Breakfast is at 08:00am to 09:00am
  • Snack (if requested) 10:00am
  • Lunch is at 11:30am to 12:30pm
  • Snack 02:00pm to 03:00pm coffee, juice, milk, cookies, chips, crackers etc.
  • Dinner is at 05:00pm to 05:30pm
  • Bedtime is at 09:00pm 09:30pm (as early as 7:00 if requested)
    (Bedtime snack can be requested with bedtime medications)

Special Servcices:

  1. Provide all hygiene care which includes bath (twice a week, more if necessary), teeth, hair, finger and toe nails, and clean clothing.
  2.   Assist all residents in morning and evening bed care which includes washing clothes, ensuring clean sheets, placing into (or removing from) bed if unable to do so themselves, covering with blanket and checking to make sure they are in a comfortable position. (Re-positioning during the night every couple of hours when necessary as well as changing under-garments).
  3. Food preparation for meals and making sure that each resident has the proper medications at the right time is an absolute must. Anyone that is in need of assistance with either taking their medication or eating their food, caregivers will make sure to assist in any way necessary. Food allergies are checked and kept in close watch for each resident in order to ensure proper health. Residents are allowed to request special meals or diets and we are more than willing to comply.
  4. Transportation for any reason can be arranged by caregivers so as to avoid causing extra stress on the family for missed appointments or miscommunications from needing a third party. If the family would prefer, we are more than willing to leave transportation up to them.



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